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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Whom does Culum ask to take care of the funeral arrangements for Dirk and May-may?
(a) Horatio.
(b) Longstaff.
(c) Vargas.
(d) Brock.

2. What cuts off Glessing's arm?
(a) A falling flagpole.
(b) Brock's sword.
(c) A pane of glass.
(d) A falling tree.

3. How is the bark to cure her of malaria given to May-may.
(a) In a powder.
(b) In a tablet.
(c) In a tea.
(d) In a syrup.

4. According to May-may, how did she hear of Yin-hsi?
(a) Through an ad.
(b) From Jin-qua's Tai-Tai.
(c) At a whorehouse.
(d) From Mary Sinclair.

5. What is in the secret report Dirk finds in the briefcase that worries him?
(a) A Russian plan to start a new trading company.
(b) A Russian plan for world domination.
(c) Information about the tea trade.
(d) Details on the opium trade.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is in the sack that Dirk finds in Aberdeen?

2. When does Brock tell Dirk he will have anything to do with Tess and Culum after they are married?

3. In Chapter 45, where does Brock ask Dirk to meet him?

4. When Dirk returns from the English Club following the duel challenge, who is waiting for him at his home?

5. Whose body is discovered in an alley near Chinatown?

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