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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Where is the bishop's palace?
(a) Near the Great Wall.
(b) In Happy Valley.
(c) In Canton.
(d) In Quenoy.

2. Who does Dirk tell Brock is to blame for drugging Culum and taking him to a whorehouse?
(a) Gorth.
(b) Tess.
(c) May-may.
(d) Robb.

3. In Chapter 33, who tells Dirk they cannot find the bark?
(a) Longstaff.
(b) The bishop.
(c) Gordon Chen.
(d) Culum.

4. What does Dirk tell Culum and Tess they are a part of regardless of what Brock says?
(a) The British government.
(b) Dirk's family.
(c) The Noble House.
(d) Brock's family.

5. What does May-may buy Dirk for his birthday?
(a) A clipper ship.
(b) A Chinese girl.
(c) An expensive bottle of whiskey.
(d) A new suit.

6. What is Roger Blore's real name?
(a) John Adamson.
(b) Wilf Tillman.
(c) Jeff Cooper.
(d) Richard Crosse.

7. How is the bark to cure her of malaria given to May-may.
(a) In a powder.
(b) In a tea.
(c) In a syrup.
(d) In a tablet.

8. Who is upset by the article in the <i>Oriental Times</i>?
(a) Mary Sinclair.
(b) Longstaff.
(c) May-may.
(d) Dirk.

9. What has Monsey been instructed to sail regardless of?
(a) The ship's cargo.
(b) The weather.
(c) The condition of the ship.
(d) Longstaff's answer.

10. What is in the secret report Dirk finds in the briefcase that worries him?
(a) A Russian plan for world domination.
(b) Details on the opium trade.
(c) Information about the tea trade.
(d) A Russian plan to start a new trading company.

11. How does Gordon respond to Dirk when Dirk asks him if he is the leader of the Triads in Hong Kong.
(a) He admits it is true.
(b) He attacks Dirk.
(c) He says it's a lie.
(d) He tells Dirk that Brock is the leader.

12. What cuts off Glessing's arm?
(a) A falling flagpole.
(b) A pane of glass.
(c) A falling tree.
(d) Brock's sword.

13. What do Dirk and Wu Kwok both vow to do after Dirk finds the sack?
(a) Avenge Scragger's death.
(b) Kill each other.
(c) Murder Brock.
(d) Join forces.

14. According to the documents in the briefcase, who will be in position to take control of China in five years?
(a) The Russians.
(b) The Portuguese.
(c) The Americans.
(d) The British.

15. What does Brock apologize to Dirk for when they are at the knoll together?
(a) Gorth's behavior and summoning Dirk to the knoll.
(b) Tess and Culum's marriage.
(c) Tricking him.
(d) Nothing.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who performs the marriage of Culum and Tess?

2. Why is Glessing angry with Longstaff in Chapter 47?

3. In Chapter 47, what fails to fall before the storm?

4. Who fills May-may in on everything that happened while she was ill?

5. What is Brock planning to do with Dirk when he summons him to the knoll?

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