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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In Chapter 6, what does Brock suggest that he and Dirk do?
(a) Leave the settlement.
(b) Join their companies.
(c) Quit trading.
(d) Enter the opium trade.

2. What do Dirk and Culum press Brock to grant Culum?
(a) Access to Brock's records.
(b) A position in Brock's company.
(c) The rights to the knoll.
(d) A quick marriage to Tess.

3. What does Dirk do to get into May-may's quarters after the two argue over her ball gown?
(a) She leaves the door open.
(b) He knocks and waits for her to answer.
(c) He climbs through the window.
(d) He breaks down the door.

4. Who is kept busy painting portraits of Robb's children?
(a) Maureen Quance.
(b) Mary Sinclair.
(c) Liza Brock.
(d) Aristotle Quance.

5. Who owns the ship that takes Sarah back to England?
(a) Culum.
(b) Brock.
(c) Cooper.
(d) The East India Company.

6. Who is known as the Tai-Pan of Tai Ping Shan?
(a) Longstaff.
(b) Jin-qua.
(c) Dirk.
(d) Gordon Chen.

7. According to Robb, what must arrive in London to keep him and Dirk out of financial trouble?
(a) A load of tea.
(b) The Russian documents.
(c) The cinchon bark.
(d) The Blue Cloud.

8. Where do all of the traders decide to go if they are attacked by the Chinese?
(a) Brock's factory.
(b) Brock's ship.
(c) Dirk's factory.
(d) Dirk's ship.

9. In what village does Dirk wait for Wu Kwok?
(a) Canton.
(b) Yangtze.
(c) Happy Valley.
(d) Aberdeen.

10. Who visits Dirk in Canton in Chapter 15?
(a) Jin-qua.
(b) Ti-sen.
(c) Wu Fang Choi.
(d) Mary Sinclair.

11. How many nights of sleep does Culum lose over the knoll incident?
(a) One night.
(b) Zero nights.
(c) Five nights.
(d) Two nights.

12. What kind of a ship do Dirk and Culum see from the mountain?
(a) A lorcha.
(b) A steam-powered battleship.
(c) A clipper ship.
(d) A pirate ship.

13. What ship did Dirk and Brock both work on as teenagers?
(a) The Vagrant Star.
(b) The White Witch.
(c) The Resting Cloud.
(d) The China Cloud.

14. Who writes a letter that angers Ti-sen?
(a) Dirk.
(b) Longstaff.
(c) Brock.
(d) Culum.

15. In Chapter 13, what does Liza tell Brock is her reason for sailing to Macao?
(a) To take another ship back to England.
(b) To order gowns for the ball.
(c) To arrange a marriage for Tess.
(d) To purchase furniture.

Short Answer Questions

1. Which European woman is pregnant with a Chinese child?

2. What trade does Zergeyev offer Dirk as a monopoly in Russia?

3. How long is the indenture agreement for the men who arrive with Captain Scragger?

4. What does May-may help Mary Sinclair to arrange?

5. Who does Dirk bet on in the prizefight?

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