Tai-Pan Short Essay - Answer Key

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1. Why does Dirk view Hong Kong as a valuable prize?

Dirk sees Hong Kong as valuable to England because it has a very good harbor and it will be a good base for trading.

2. What is Dirk's reason for firing Captain Perry?

Dirk decides to fire Captain Perry because Perry allowed the British navy to board and search Dirk's ship and because Perry failed to stand up for his men.

3. How does Brock know about Dirk's financial problems?

Brock knows that Dirk is having financial difficulties because Brock's son, Morgan, orchestrated the run on Dirk's bank.

4. If Dirk is unable to save his company, what will become of Brock and why does the outcome bother Dirk?

If Dirk cannot save The Noble House from bankruptcy, Brock will become the most powerful trader in Asia, which bothers Dirk because the two are bitter rivals.

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