Tai-Pan Character Descriptions

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Dirk Struan - This 43-year-old character is a seaman who runs the biggest trading company in Asia.

Gordon Chen - This character was born an illegitimate child and is a member of the Hung Mun Tong.

Tyler Brock - This character is from Liverpool, England, and runs a merchant shipping company.

May-may - This character is a Chinese mistress who is loyal to the person who purchased her. She loses an unborn child to malaria.

Aristotle Quance - This character is an artist who paints a scene of the ceremony during which Hong Kong is given to the British.

Robb Struan - This person handles the purchasing and financing for the largest trading company in Asia and is considered the brains of the operation.

Culum Straun - Upon the death of this character's father, this character takes over as tai-pan of The Noble House.

Gorth Brock -...

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