Tai-Pan Character Descriptions

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Dirk Struan

This 43-year-old character is a seaman who runs the biggest trading company in Asia.

Gordon Chen

This character was born an illegitimate child and is a member of the Hung Mun Tong.

Tyler Brock

This character is from Liverpool, England, and runs a merchant shipping company.


This character is a Chinese mistress who is loyal to the person who purchased her. She loses an unborn child to malaria.

Aristotle Quance

This character is an artist who paints a scene of the ceremony during which Hong Kong is given to the British.

Robb Struan

This person handles the purchasing and financing for the largest trading company in Asia and is considered the brains of the operation.

Culum Straun

Upon the death of this character's father, this character takes over as tai-pan of The Noble House.

Gorth Brock

This character is very cruel and enjoys beating prostitutes...

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