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• The story begins as Hong Kong is being transferred to the British as part of the agreement ending the war between Britain and China.

• The main character, Dirk Straun, is attending the ceremony transferring Hong Kong; Gordon Chen, Dirk's illegitimate son, is also at the ceremony.

• Dirk finds out there are plans to outlaw the opium trade, which will negatively impact Gordon since he is active in the trade.

• Dirk plans to use all the money they have to purchase opium since he believes there will be a panic if the announcement to outlaw opium is made, so he could stand to make a fortune.

• Gordon is a member of the Hung Mun Tong, a group that is planning to overthrow the Manchu dynasty; he has plans to use The Noble House to further his cause.

• Dirk has plans to run for Parliament so that he...

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