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Ann Patchett
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Taft feel his in-laws use against him?
(a) Their worldliness.
(b) Their happy marriage.
(c) Their faith.
(d) Their wealth.

2. What does the ranger in Chapter 4 warn Fay and John not to do before letting them into the battlefield?
(a) Make too much noise.
(b) Vandalize anything.
(c) Camp.
(d) Get lost.

3. Who is Virginia?
(a) John's sister.
(b) Ruth's daughter.
(c) Taft's wife.
(d) Carl's girlfriend.

4. What does John refuse to do for Fay at the end of Chapter 3?
(a) Kiss her.
(b) Give her a raise.
(c) Tell her about his son.
(d) Take her back to his apartment.

5. What promise does John make Marion at the end of Chapter 5?
(a) To find them a hotel.
(b) To stop calling.
(c) To take up yoga.
(d) To behave.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is Cyndi angling for in Chapter 4?

2. Which of the following relatives does John not see through the window with Fay in Chapter 6?

3. The statue on the battlefield commemorates the dead of which state?

4. Why is John uncomfortable in Fay's neighborhood?

5. What is the primary reason for the Tafts' visit to Memphis in Chapter 6?

Short Essay Questions

1. What role does Carl play at Muddy's as time does on?

2. What does John imagine at the end of Chapter 4?

3. What does John learn about Marion at dinner in Chapter 5?

4. Why do Taft's in-laws get annoyed at Carl in Chapter 6?

5. How is Levon Taft's life described in Chapter 5?

6. How does Fay describe her family to John In Chapter 6?

7. Describe the interchange between John and Fay in Chapter 5.

8. Why does John buy cigarettes in Chapter 5?

9. Describe John and Fay's interaction in Chapter 7.

10. How does John feel about Fay's neighborhood in Chapter 3?

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