Taft Character Descriptions

Ann Patchett
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John Nickel

This character spends much of the novel planning to gain custody of his child.

Fay Taft

This character has a steak dinner with her boss on her birthday.

Carl Taft

This character deals drugs in Memphis.

Levon Taft

This character works at night as a security guard at a lumberyard.

Marion Woodmoore

This character leaves the father of her child after finishing nursing school.

Franklin Woodmoore

This character gashes his head on a broken Coke bottle.

Ruth Woodmoore

This character has sex with her sister's former lover.

Mrs. Woodmoore

This character once strangled her daughter's lover.

Mr. Woodmoore

This character is another character's namesake.

Virginia Taft

This character constantly worries that her children do not respect her.


This character is a waitress who regularly antagonizes her boss.


This character is a former football player.

The Doctor

This character encourages another to return to Memphis...

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