Taft Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Ann Patchett
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Chapter 1

• John hires Fay Taft.
• John recalls trying to reunite with Marion after Franklin was born.

• Marion tells John that Franklin was hurt.

Chapter 2

• John sleeps with a woman at another bar in town.
• John speaks to Franklin on the phone.

• Fay introduces John to her stoned brother Carl.

Chapter 3

• Carl begins helping around the bar.
• John and Fay search for Carl all night, finding him in the street nearly dead.

Chapter 4

• John asks Cyndi if she could manage the bar in his absence.
• John and Fay go to Shiloh.
• Fay discusses her family's degeneration after her father's death.
• Carl antagonizes John.

• John imagines Carl hunting with Taft.

Chapter 5

• John has dinner with Marion's parents and Ruth.
• Taft worries about his children as he works two jobs.
• Taft begins having chest pains.
• John asks Wallace to handle the bar deposits.

• Marion asks John if she and Franklin can...

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