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This is the leading city in Ancient Greece and the setting of the book's events.

Agathon's house

This is where the book's events take place.

The two-faced human being

This is described in Aristophanes' speech as a creature that can be double-male, double-female, or male-female; this is also called androgynous.


This is the underworld, where the spirits of the dead are taken.

Towns in Greece, City-States

Although Greece is not one country at the time, these places are mentioned and include Sparta, Elis, and Boetia.

The Persian Empire

This is the great empire to the east of Greece.


This is a kind of drinking party, where people give speeches on a topic.

Statues of Silenus

These are described by Alcibiades in a comparison made to Socrates.

The Ancient Greeks

These are the first people to examine and write down philosophy, in an abstract form, as...

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