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Part 1, line 172a to line 177e

• Apollodorus relates the story of the Symposium that took place at Agathon's house in Athens.
• Aristodemus, the main source of information for the Symposium, meets Socrates, who is bathed and wearing sandals in preparation for the dinner party.
• As Aristodemus arrives, he learns that he has been formally invited to the party but has also noticed that Socrates has disappeared.
• After taking time to think, Socrates makes his entrance at the party, and the guests agree to give speeches about love.

Part 2, line 178a to 183d

• Phaedrus gives a speech about how love can cause people to fight to the death.
• Using the contrasting stories of Achilles and Orpheus, Phaedrus attempts to prove his points.
• Pausanias claims that there are two kinds of love, based on the two goddesses of Aphrodite.
• The laws that govern the relationships between men and young boys...

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