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Flora Rheta Schreiber
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How many brother and sisters did Hattie have?
(a) 1.
(b) 30.
(c) 5.
(d) 12.

2. Where do the boys think that their penis is?
(a) They do not know what a penis is.
(b) They think it has not grown out of Sybil yet.
(c) They do not think they have a penis.
(d) They realize they will never have one.

3. What is the source of Hattie's mental state?
(a) Her father.
(b) Her mother.
(c) Her brother.
(d) Physical Abuse.

4. What does the integration of the selves allow Sybil?
(a) Sybil to keep the selves with her always.
(b) Sybil will have to live an unpleasant life.
(c) It gives her little relief.
(d) Sybil can live life the way she has always dreamed.

5. Towards the end of the book, what does Sybil begin to wonder?
(a) If she will ever be a good mother.
(b) If she will have children.
(c) If her father will ever love her.
(d) If she will fall in love.

6. What does Peggy Lou's anxiousness to integrate show?
(a) Her shyness.
(b) Her independence.
(c) Her aggressiveness.
(d) Her loneliness.

7. Which personality is unsure if Hattie is dead?
(a) Nancy Lou Baldwin.
(b) Peggy Lou.
(c) Mary.
(d) Vanessa.

8. When does Willard attend a session with Dr. Wilbur and Sybil?
(a) July, 1965.
(b) May,1957.
(c) August, 1963.
(d) February, 1957.

9. How many cases of multiple personality disorder has the doctor treated since Sybil?
(a) 11 cases.
(b) 8 cases.
(c) 6 cases.
(d) 15 cases.

10. The more the selves learn about Sybil, the more ________.
(a) Sybil grows insecure.
(b) They depress Sybil.
(c) They take over her life.
(d) Sybil creates more personalities.

11. How does Teddy attempt to help Sybil?
(a) Teddy hates the other selves.
(b) Attend sessions with Dr. Wilbur.
(c) Teddy tries to mediate between the selves.
(d) Talk to each self individually.

12. How is Sybil further released by her past?
(a) By the death of her father.
(b) She is able to start a new relationship.
(c) She stops blaming her life on others.
(d) She gets a new job.

13. What does Dr. Wilbur hope will lay the foundation for integration?
(a) Aging themselves to Sybil's present age.
(b) Sybil meeting a man.
(c) Going on a drive with Sybil.
(d) Slowing eliminating the selves.

14. Prior to the meeting with Willard, what was Dr. Wilbur concerned about Sybil's personalities' stories?
(a) the stories were too detailed.
(b) There were two many personalities.
(c) The stories were not detailed enough.
(d) They were fabricated stories.

15. What does Dr. Wilbur see Willard's payment of Sybil's living expenses as?
(a) Past owed debts for ignoring Sybil.
(b) Sybil is too young to live on her own so her father should help her.
(c) Willard should not pay Sybil anything.
(d) Payment from Hattie.

Short Answer Questions

1. Reluctantly, Dr. Wilbur gives Sybil what drug?

2. Who takes ascendancy of Sybil's body at the culmination of integration?

3. What have the two boy selves collaborated to make?

4. How does Sybil regard her other selves?

5. What has really kept Sybil healthy?

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