Objects & Places from Sybil

Flora Rheta Schreiber
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Willow Corners

This is Sybil's birthplace and hometown. Her father is a prominent businessman in this town.

Letter From Stan

Sybil has no notion of damaging this item. When she realizes what she has done, she turns into Peggy Lou in front of Dr. Wilbur.


Sybil has an intense fear of this item because Hattie used it to torture her.

Key to a room at the Broadwood Hotel

Sybil discovers this when she empties the contents of her purse looking for a coin to use a pay phone. She is shocked to find it and it leads her to the conclusion that she is in Philadelphia, not New York.

Sybil's Diary

This item is a huge key to her mental state.

Brown Zipper Folder

Sybil thinks she has lost this item when fleeing the chemistry lab at the university.

Columbia University

Sybil is attending this school when...

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