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Flora Rheta Schreiber
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Essay Topic 1

First impressions are quickly shattered through the novel.

a. Describe Dr. Wilbur's first impression of Hattie and Willard Dorsett.

b. How do the Dorsett's hide their cruelty and indifference towards Sybil from other people?

c. How can money and social standing protect people who commit evil acts?

Essay Topic 2

a. Describe the origins of Sybil's mental dissociations.

b. What particular events cause Sybil's multiple personalities to form? Name three events from Sybil's childhood.

Essay Topic 3

1. What do each of Sybil's personalities represent?

2. Pick four personalities and explain what each personality controls for Sybil. Each description should be at least a half page long.

Essay Topic 4

The theme of good versus evil constantly surfaces throughout the novel. Why is Sybil convinced she is evil? How do the perceptions of mental illness during the 50's and 60's shape Sybil and other people's thoughts about mental illness.

Essay Topic 5

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