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Ellen Kushner
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Basil Halliday think about the nobility's power?
(a) He thinks the nobility's power is well-balanced.
(b) He thinks the nobility has too much power in some ways and too little in other ways.
(c) He thinks the nobility has too little power.
(d) He thinks the nobility has too much power.

2. How difficult is it for Richard to break into Lord Horn's house?
(a) Very difficult.
(b) It seems easy, but turns out to be difficult.
(c) Very easy.
(d) It seems difficult, but turns out to be easy.

3. Where has Michael been hiding out?
(a) In a foreign land.
(b) With the country nobility.
(c) In a monastery on a mountain.
(d) On a ship at sea.

4. Where does Alec take Richard after his trial?
(a) To theTremontaine estate.
(b) To his rented room in Riverside.
(c) To a tavern.
(d) To Lord Ferris's estate.

5. Where does Katherine tell Richard to come with her?
(a) To a house in the Old Market.
(b) To a disused cottage on the Hill.
(c) Into the street to talk privately.
(d) To Richard's landlady's home.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Alec do when he realizes he's being followed?

2. What does the Duchess believe that Michael wants?

3. How many of Lord Horn's swordsmen have been killed?

4. What kind of party does the Duchess hold in Chapter 19?

5. Does Richard agree to the kidnappers' demands?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe the Duchess and Michael's first night as lovers.

2. What does the Duchess tell Alec about Richard and their relationship after Richard has left?

3. What objection does Alec pose to writing the letter?

4. How does the Duchess see her relationship with Lord Ferris?

5. What letter do the kidnappers ask Alec to write to Richard?

6. Describe the game played at the Duchess's party in Chapter 19.

7. What is Richard and Alec's last night together like?

8. What does Richard think about the audience at the performance he and Alec go to?

9. What happens at the beginning of the formal inquiry into Lord Horn's death?

10. What allows Richard to win the duel in Chapter 16?

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