Objects & Places from Swordspoint: A Novel

Ellen Kushner
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This is the slum area of the city, where the criminal element live. Richard and Alec live here.

The Hill

This area is the wealthy, high-class area of the fictional city, where the aristocracy lives. They have long since abandoned the lower-class area.

The Old Market

This is an area of the lower-class district, filled with fancy town houses built many years before by the rich. Since the buildings have been abandoned by their owners, the poor have shops in the gutted first floors, and live in the other stories.

The Inner Council

The city is not governed by a king, but by this small, elected group of noblemen. These men especially preside over matters of justice and honor among the nobility.

Right of Challenge

This is an old system of justice in which one party demands a duel to decide a matter. Often, both parties will...

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