Swordspoint: A Novel Fun Activities

Ellen Kushner
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How Applethorpe Lost His Arm

Write a dramatic story detailing how Applethorpe lost his arm in the glory days of his swordsman career.

Movie Poster

Create a movie poster for your own film adaptation of Swordspoint. Include your film's title, indications of its genre, and the actors, director, and screenwriter. Add a tagline to your poster to both attract viewers and communicate what the story is about. With your poster, include a cast and crew list that tells who you've chosen for the film an why you've chosen them for their roles.

Swordfighting Song

Write a tavern song about swordsmen and sword fighting that the peasants might sing in the taverns of Riverside.

Rise of the Superstition about The Swordsman's Tragedy

Make a comic book detailing the rise of the superstition about "The Swordsman's Tragedy" that tells the story of the fabled death on stage at the play...

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