Swordspoint: A Novel Character Descriptions

Ellen Kushner
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Richard St. Vier

This character is the most skilled swordsperson in the entire city. Often, this character works for the aristocrats by defending their honor against one another, but cares nothing for the ideals of high society, and is mainly motivated by money. This person is careful and will not take a job that is too dangerous, no matter how much money is offered. This person also knows how to keep secrets, not revealing the details about patrons, even when on trial. This character also refuses to do showy jobs or kill women. The swordsperson comes from poor roots, and does not know the identity of one parent. Once, this character was in love with a passionate, hot-tempered person, but killed this passionate love. This character kills often, and faces death regularly, so this person understands that one day, the sword will bring death.

Diane, Duchess of Tremontaine

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