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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In the story "Squatter," how could people tell when Nariman Hansotia was in a good mood?
(a) When he went straight inside his house after work.
(b) When he parked his car in front of his apartment window.
(c) When he came home very late.
(d) When he brought ice cream for the neighborhood boys.

2. What does Daddy make Kersi do for him every Sunday?
(a) Look for a job.
(b) Play cricket.
(c) Call for Viraf.
(d) Pull out his white hairs.

3. What does Ardesar utter after watching Kordshedbai smear dog feces on the neighbor's door?
(a) Oh my!
(b) Forgive her.
(c) Troubles, troubles.
(d) Forgive me, please.

4. What does MCC stand for in the story Nariman tells?
(a) Manchester Cricket Club.
(b) Marylebone Cricket Club.
(c) Memorial Cricket Cases.
(d) Mr. Contractor's Cricket.

5. Why does Kersi attend the Parsi New Year celebrations in Toronto?
(a) To look for Jamshed.
(b) To learn about different airlines.
(c) To meet people from Bombay.
(d) For the food.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the boys tease Jaakaylee about when she comes to collect the boys in her charge?

2. Where do Daddy and Kersi go at seven o'clock in the morning?

3. At the end of "Squatter," what tale does Nariman agree to tell the next time?

4. Why would Tehmina curse anyone who passes in front of her early in the morning as she faces the rising sun?

5. Who gives Kordshedbai a gift in the night, according to the dream she has?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Jehangir explain to the boys the manner in which Nariman tells his stories?

2. In the story, "Squatter," how do the boys in the Firozsha Baag know when Nariman is about to tell them a story?

3. What is Jehangir's status with the boys of Firozsha Baag by the time of the Squatter story?

4. Why is it that Khorshedbai's husband, Ardesar, does not question his wife's disgusting actions against the landlord?

5. How does Kersi's family hide the crumbling walls in the apartment?

6. Why does Nariman like to use big, new words when telling his stories to the boys?

7. Why does Daddy stop taking the boys to play cricket at maidaan?

8. Why does Jehangir stop going to the Hanging Gardens?

9. In "The Paying Guests," why does Khorshedbai feel she is justified in leaving garbage spread around the veranda?

10. How does Jehangir explain the meaning of the stories of Savukshaw to Nariman and the boys?

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