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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Kersi doing as Silloo divides her meat up for the freezer?
(a) Listening to the radio.
(b) Fixing Percy's bat.
(c) Playing cricket outside.
(d) Repairing a cricket bat.

2. Where does Father see the ghosts?
(a) In the house.
(b) Near the temple.
(c) In the field.
(d) By the well.

3. What does Najamai point out to Daulat as being incorrect in her home?
(a) Music is playing.
(b) She is wearing the wrong colors.
(c) The lamp beside Minocher's bed is on.
(d) She has a pugree headdress on display.

4. What does Rustomji do to appease the crowd that wants to hurt him?
(a) He runs around in circles.
(b) He gives them money.
(c) He tells them his life story.
(d) He removes his dentures.

5. Why does the chasniwalla kill Dhunjisha?
(a) He is deemed a maniac.
(b) He is extremely jealous.
(c) He is full of sin.
(d) He is caught stealing silver trays.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who brings Daulat a portable tape recorder?

2. What is a bunya's role at night?

3. What does Kersi do his cricket bat at the end of the story, "One Sunday?"

4. Why does Rustomji shout at the boys of Firozsha Baag?

5. Who cries out, "Help! Oh quickly! Thief!"?

Short Essay Questions

1. What do Kersi's parents think of the friendship between Kersi and Francis?

2. How does Mrs. Mody feel about Jehangir's visits to her home on Sunday mornings?

3. Why does the author, Mistry, go to the trouble to list all of the sounds Silloo hears Najamai making in the apartment above hers when she returns home on Sunday night?

4. Before Najamai purchased her fridge, how did Tehmina acquire the ice she needed?

5. How does Daulat feel about her neighbor, Nasjamai?

6. How does Silloo reason away her free use of Naramjai's fridge?

7. Why does Jehangir get involved with Eric?

8. Why, when the Firozsha Baag gets a new paint job, is the exterior of every flat painted except Rustomji's?

9. Why does Daulat refuse a gift of a portable tape recorder from her nephew Sarosh?

10. What does Daulat do to disobey the usual custom after one's spouse dies?

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