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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are Daddy's tweezers compared to?
(a) The needle in Virag's father.
(b) The kerosene going into the stove.
(c) A cricket bat.
(d) A razor.

2. What does Jehangir's mother tell him will happen if he returns home after eight o'clock at night?
(a) He will be punished forcefully.
(b) His parents will not speak to him again.
(c) A curse will be upon him.
(d) The apartment door will be locked.

3. What does Mr. Karani first tell Boman is the only remedy to Boman's paying guests problem?
(a) Being overly friendly.
(b) Death.
(c) A dog.
(d) A court case.

4. In the story "Squatter," how could people tell when Nariman Hansotia was in a good mood?
(a) When he parked his car in front of his apartment window.
(b) When he went straight inside his house after work.
(c) When he brought ice cream for the neighborhood boys.
(d) When he came home very late.

5. What is Jehangir tempted to do when he hides in the hedges of the playground to watch the exercisers after having seen Bhagwan Baba?
(a) Exercise with the men.
(b) Leave home.
(c) Run away with Behroze.
(d) Step out and laugh at the men.

6. What does one man in line to see Bhagwan Baba tell the others most definitely signifies something?
(a) When the sun goes down.
(b) When Bhagwan Baba removes his sunglasses.
(c) Bhagwan Bab's white pyjamas.
(d) The bench-swing on the veranda.

7. What does Khorshedbai place on the veranda every morning?
(a) Garbage.
(b) Flowers.
(c) Prayer books.
(d) Baked goods.

8. What does Daddy make Kersi do for him every Sunday?
(a) Play cricket.
(b) Look for a job.
(c) Call for Viraf.
(d) Pull out his white hairs.

9. What is the only thing Jehangir's father has to say about Jehangir's relationship with the girl from college?
(a) "There is something about the way she talks."
(b) "She wears too much make-up."
(c) "Trust your mother's instincts."
(d) "She does not respect your parents."

10. What does MCC stand for in the story Nariman tells?
(a) Manchester Cricket Club.
(b) Mr. Contractor's Cricket.
(c) Memorial Cricket Cases.
(d) Marylebone Cricket Club.

11. Why do Boman and Kashmira decide they need the entire flat back for themselves?
(a) They no longer need the money.
(b) Korshedbai becomes unpredictable.
(c) They want their privacy and the veranda.
(d) Kashmira becomes pregnant.

12. Who is Mamajii?
(a) Viraf's mother.
(b) The neighbor, Nariman.
(c) Kersi's mother.
(d) Kersi's grandmother.

13. What was once Kashmira's devout ambition in life?
(a) To become a tenancy lawyer.
(b) To do social work.
(c) To finish her schooling.
(d) To be a landlady.

14. What does Mr. Karani warn Boman about?
(a) Wording the apartment ad correctly.
(b) Difficulties of eviction.
(c) Raising the rent.
(d) Marriage.

15. What did Kersi learn to do with his best friend, Viraf?
(a) Ride a bicycle.
(b) Read.
(c) Play soccer.
(d) Pull out hairs.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why would Tehmina curse anyone who passes in front of her early in the morning as she faces the rising sun?

2. What does Kersi do that surprises Daddy?

3. What does CNI stand for?

4. Why is it that Khorshedbai does not get rid of her noisy bangles in "The Paying Guests?"

5. What does Viraf's and Kersi's private signal sound like?

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