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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Daulat view Najamai?
(a) As a dear friend.
(b) As a helpful neighbor.
(c) As a wealthy person to be envied.
(d) As a busybody.

2. Who does Daulat's cousin, Moti, bring with her on her condolence visit?
(a) Her mother.
(b) Her husband.
(c) Her servant.
(d) Her grandchildren.

3. What volunteer organization does Rustomji have good remembrances of?
(a) The Times of India Organization.
(b) Sisters of Charity.
(c) The Peace Corps.
(d) The Social Service League.

4. Why does Rustomji shout at the boys of Firozsha Baag?
(a) For not fixing his toilet.
(b) For robbing apartments.
(c) For getting plaster in his bathtub.
(d) For playing cricket there.

5. What is a bunya's role at night?
(a) Gambler.
(b) Thief.
(c) Bookie.
(d) Pimp.

6. What is Francis's job in Firozsha Baag?
(a) He does odd jobs.
(b) He is the doorman.
(c) He is the elevator operator.
(d) He collects the garbage.

7. What used to make Kersi very happy to go up to Najamai's flat?
(a) The coolness of the fridge.
(b) Seeing Najamai's daughters.
(c) Chasing creatures.
(d) Seeing the fridge.

8. Why does Jaakaylee sleep outside the flat after the Christmas midnight mass?
(a) The weather is always pleasant.
(b) Everyone else does it.
(c) She has no key.
(d) It is a neighborhood custom.

9. What is Pesi's single most important talent?
(a) Hawking.
(b) Playing chess.
(c) Ability to improvise.
(d) Brute strength.

10. What would Rustomji not permit Mehroo to have in their new home as husband and wife?
(a) Dentures.
(b) New linens.
(c) Colorful clothing.
(d) A separate "unclean" room.

11. What does Najamai point out to Daulat as being incorrect in her home?
(a) Music is playing.
(b) The lamp beside Minocher's bed is on.
(c) She has a pugree headdress on display.
(d) She is wearing the wrong colors.

12. Which special day means a lot to Mehroo?
(a) Fravashi.
(b) Behram roje.
(c) Novjote.
(d) Parsi roje.

13. Why are the children and adults in Firozsha Baag making fun of Jaakaylee?
(a) She claims to see a ghost.
(b) She walks with a limp.
(c) She sleeps in the hallways.
(d) She is dark-skinned.

14. What happens to Rustomji that angers him when he departs the A-1 bus?
(a) The conductor yells at him for not going upstairs.
(b) He discovers the leaky toilet water is still on him.
(c) Someone spits tobacco juice on him.
(d) He is put to the back of the line.

15. What is Daulat anxiously expecting every time her doorbell rings?
(a) Some much-needed extra chairs.
(b) Sarosh-Sid.
(c) Najamai.
(d) The buyer for the pugree.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Daulat do once she is alone after Moti and Najamai leave?

2. Where does Father see the ghosts?

3. Where has Mehroo loved to go ever since she was a child?

4. Which voice is the story, "The Ghost of Firozsha Baag," written in?

5. What is Gajra notorious for?

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