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Firozsha Baag

This is a crumbling apartment complex in Bombay and the common setting for most of the stories in this collection.

Cawasji Framji Memorial Library

This is mentioned in several stories as the place to which a character drives in order to read daily papers from around the world. It serves as a symbol of learning and culture.

Chaupatty Beach

This place is polluted by the masses of people who converge there.

Fire Temple

This is a place where the devout offer sandalwood sticks to be burnt as a sacrifice.

The Hanging Gardens

This place is filled with ayahs and their charges and old folks. Muscular young men go to this place to work out.


This is where the ayah Jaakaylee grew up before moving to Bombay forty-nine years earlier.

Social Service League

This is a volunteer organization that takes students out into remote areas to...

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