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Lesson 1 (from Auspicious Occasion)


Auspicious Occasion

This story gives the reader an introduction to some of the inhabitants of the Firozsha Baag apartment complex, particularly Rustomji. This lesson will take a look at the relationship between the couple, Mehroo and Rustomji.


1. Class Discussion: What is the nature of the relationship between Mehroo and Rustomji? How do they tend to communicate with one another? What are Tanoo's reasons for leaving the couple? Is Rustomji's lust for Gajra noticed by Mehroo? How do Mehroo's and Rustomji's religious views tend to differ?

2. Free Writing Assignment: Write about Mehroo and Rustomji: What is their marriage like? How do they react to each other's needs and feelings?

3. Book Club: The class will divide into groups for book club discussions, each group with a leader to moderate the discussions. The focus will be on Rustomji and Mehroo's relationship. Did the couple have a promising beginning...

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