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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. In what way does Nichole think her life will be better in a wheelchair?
(a) She can get lots of pity from people
(b) She doesn't have to go out if she doesn't want to
(c) Her Daddy will leave her alone
(d) She can get special attention at restaurants

2. What upcoming event makes Nichole very apprehensive?
(a) The prom
(b) College
(c) Graduation
(d) A trial

3. What does Mitchell always send his daughter when she calls?
(a) Plane ticket
(b) Debit card
(c) Bus fare
(d) Money

4. What does Mitchell have in common with the grieving parents of Sam Dent?
(a) They are all from New York
(b) They are all Catholic
(c) They have lost children
(d) They are working class

5. Who is the only family member Nichole is glad to see?
(a) Her brother
(b) Her mother
(c) Her father
(d) Her sister

6. Which of the following does Mitchell not see as he drives through the town of Sam Dent?
(a) Big woodpiles
(b) Junk cars in front yards
(c) Patched-together houses
(d) A chain hotel

7. Who does Mitchell decide he will not sue?
(a) Nichole Burnell
(b) Risa Walker
(c) Dolores Driscoll
(d) Wanda Otto

8. According to Mitchell, ____________________ is always more valuable than a dead victim in front of a jury.
(a) A coroner's report
(b) An eye witness
(c) A living victim
(d) Police photography

9. What does Nichole call herself in her mind?
(a) Girl with a past
(b) Damaged goods
(c) The last beauty queen
(d) Wheelchair girl

10. To what do the Walkers agree?
(a) Let Mitchell represent them in a lawsuit
(b) To legally separate
(c) To build a new house
(d) To have another child

11. What type of vehicle was Billy Ansel driving behind the bus every morning?
(a) Jeep
(b) SUV
(c) Pickup truck
(d) Station wagon

12. Where had Nichole been sitting on the morning of the bus crash?
(a) Right behind the driver
(b) Halfway back on the right
(c) The first seat on the right
(d) In the back center seat

13. Which of the following does Nichole not say resides in the private sanctuary of her bedroom?
(a) Daddy's secret
(b) Computer
(c) Stereo
(d) TV

14. Which of the following is not a place Mitchell has left his daughter?
(a) Relatives
(b) College
(c) Hospital
(d) Rehab Center

15. What is the name of Mitchell's ex-wife?
(a) Miranda
(b) Kat
(c) Sara
(d) Klara

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Nichole devise a plan over the summer?

2. Mitchell considers himself to be ________________ when he hears about events like the school bus crash.

3. How fast did Nichole say the bus was going?

4. Mitchell knows that he is not ____________________.

5. Who was in Nichole's lap on the bus that fateful morning?

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