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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who was in Nichole's lap on the bus that fateful morning?
(a) Jennie Burnell
(b) Lexie Hamilton
(c) Bear Otto
(d) Sean Walker

2. What was Mr. Stephens' reaction to Nichole's statement?
(a) He had no further questions for her
(b) He yelled at Nichole for lying
(c) He pressured Nichole for the truth
(d) He required Nichole to repeat her statement

3. Who is the beauty queen who survived the bus crash?
(a) Caleigh Struthers
(b) Maddie Williams
(c) Whitney Marker
(d) Nichole Burnell

4. Which of the following does Nichole not say resides in the private sanctuary of her bedroom?
(a) Stereo
(b) TV
(c) Computer
(d) Daddy's secret

5. How did Nichole get up the courthouse steps?
(a) An elevator
(b) A special stair lift
(c) She used crutches
(d) Her Daddy carried her

6. What does Mitchell have in common with the grieving parents of Sam Dent?
(a) They have lost children
(b) They are all from New York
(c) They are all Catholic
(d) They are working class

7. What does Mitchell think makes him a good attorney?
(a) Education
(b) Sense of humor
(c) Anger
(d) Intuition

8. Why does Mitchell Stephens want to put Bobby Ansel on the witness stand?
(a) He is a reputable businessman
(b) He had two children die in the crash
(c) He does not have a criminal record
(d) He is the only eye witness to the bus crash

9. What does Nichole's Daddy offer to buy her after he realizes that she had blackmailed him?
(a) Ice cream
(b) A new dress
(c) A car
(d) New CDs

10. What month is it when Nichole returns home from the hospital?
(a) March
(b) January
(c) April
(d) May

11. According to Mitchell, ____________________ is always more valuable than a dead victim in front of a jury.
(a) A coroner's report
(b) An eye witness
(c) A living victim
(d) Police photography

12. Who does Nichole want to impact the most with her plan?
(a) Mr. Stephens
(b) The parents of the dead kids
(c) Her Mother
(d) Her Daddy

13. How does Nichole feel about Mitchell Stephens?
(a) She likes him
(b) She cannot stand him
(c) She tolerates him
(d) She thinks he is an ambulance chaser

14. Why does Nichole say she was scared on that fateful morning?
(a) Dolores was speeding
(b) She hadn't studied enough for mid-terms
(c) Daddy had abused her again this morning
(d) Daddy had threatened to find her at school

15. What upcoming event makes Nichole very apprehensive?
(a) Graduation
(b) A trial
(c) The prom
(d) College

Short Answer Questions

1. Mitchell knows that he is not ____________________.

2. How does Nichole feel as if her life has been divided?

3. Why do people tell Nichole Burnell that she is lucky?

4. Why is Jenny apprehensive about her new bedroom?

5. Mitchell considers himself to be ________________ when he hears about events like the school bus crash.

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