The Sweet Hereafter Character Descriptions

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Billy Ansel - This character is a widower and Vietnam veteran whose twins are killed in the bus accident that is the novel's central event.

Mrs. Burnell - This character is passive, religious, self-righteous, and generally avoids dealing with difficult issues in a direct manner.

Nichole Burnell - This character is a fourteen-year-old girl who is confined to a wheelchair after surviving the bus accident.

Sam Burnell - This character is domineering in his family but friendly to others and has been sexually abusing his daughter but nobody else knows about it.

Abbott Driscoll - This character, who has had a stroke, is an intelligent man whose wisdom is a source of guidance and comfort to his wife.

Dolores Driscoll - This character is the school bus driver who is driving on the day of the accident.

Hartley Otto - This character wears long hair and...

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