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Chapter 1

• The story is told from the perspectives of four different people.

• Chapter 1 is told from the perspective of Dolores Driscoll, a school bus driver in Sam Dent, New York.

• Dolores recalls the events of a fateful morning when the bus she was driving crashed and killed several of the children on board.

• Dolores had been a school bus driver for 22 years and prides herself on her excellent record.

• Dolores is married to Abbott who is confined to a wheelchair so she is responsible for much of his care.

• On this morning, snow begins to fall and Dolores has almost reached her destination when she swerves to avoid hitting a dog and the bus careens out of control, goes over an embankment and into an icy pond.

Chapter 2

• Chapter 2 is told from the perspective of Billy Ansel, the father of twins killed in the bus crash.

• Billy follows...

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