Sweetbitter Short Essay - Answer Key

Stephanie Danler
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1. Quotations from which two writer's are in the epigraph?

Sappho's Eros the Bittersweet, translated by Anne Carson, and Brillat-Savarin's The Philosophy of Taste, translated by Anne Drayton, are quoted at the beginning of the novel.

2. Why is Tess turned away when she tries to enter New York?

Tess does not know about, and does not have money for, the tollbooths. She has to turn around and get the last of her dwindling cash from New Jersey.

3. What profession does Tess compare being a server to?

Tess thinks that being a server is something you live through and do not talk about again, similar to serving in the military.

4. How does Tess answer Howard's question about a challenge she has overcome?

Tess explains Mrs. Pound from her former job and how difficult she was, as well as the special relationship Tess created with her.

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