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Stephanie Danler
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Lesson 1 (from Summer)


In this lesson, the students will research the history and background of the author.

Stephanie Danler holds an MFA in creative writing and spent years in the New York restaurant scene. The students will research the author and determine how her formal education and restaurant training came together to influence Sweetbitter.


Class Discussion: What is the difference between a novel and a memoir? When and where did the author grow up? What was her first job? What similarities are there between the author, Danler, and the protagonist, Tess? How was this novel received?

Partner Activity: Create a list of 10 questions about the author. Include questions about Danler’s past, her first job in New York, and her restaurant experience. Trade your list of questions with your partner. Use the internet to research and answer your partner’s 10 questions.

Journal Activity: This book is based on...

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