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Stephanie Danler
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Essay Topic 1

Describe what it means to be a 51 percenter and why Tess is hired. Include examples Tess shares during her interview that make Howard decide Tess is qualified for the title.

Essay Topic 2

Describe what it means to be a 49 percenter. Cite descriptions Tess gives of her job duties that fall into that category. Explain why there are more 49 percenters in society as well as the implications of that theory.

Essay Topic 3

Explain how Tess' perception of Ariel goes from Mean-Girl to a friend. Provide examples of how Ariel's treatment of Tess, as well as Tess' confidence level, change throughout the novel.

Essay Topic 4

Explain what Thanatos means and why Howard would choose to share this story with Tess when he does. Include how Tess processes the theory and how the death drive relates to Tess' life.

Essay Topic 5

What does Simone mean when she tells Tess...

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