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Short Answer Questions

1. Where are Brother Rush and the other man going, when Tree was still in the back seat of the car?

2. Who stays with Tree while M'Vy sees to Dab?

3. How does the narrator say M'Vy feels when she takes care of Dab?

4. What does the narrator say is the result of Tree describing details of Brother Rush's accident?

5. What does M'Vy say is Dab's problem?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does M'Vy say when Tree and Dab tell her about their experiences with Brother Rush?

2. Describe Dab's admittance into the hospital.

3. What happens when M'Vy follows Tree into the little room?

4. What happens that Dab gets taken to the hospital?

5. How is Silversmith described?

6. What ails Brother Rush?

7. How is Dab described when Tree visits him in chapter 11?

8. What does Tree tell M'Vy about Dab's funeral?

9. Describe Tree's relationship with Silversmith.

10. What does Tree learn when she sees Brother Rush after Dab's death?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Would you recommend Sweet Whispers, Brother Rush"? For what purposes would you recommend "Sweet Whispers, Brother Rush", and what kinds of readers would you not recommend it for? What book would you recommend that would cover the same material or tell the same story in a different way?

Essay Topic 2

What does Tree get in return for the loss of her brother? Is she compensated, or does she simply lose him?

Essay Topic 3

What are the rules for the alternate reality Tree travels to? Is it a dream, or is it really another time? Who else has the power to go back and forth? Do you think Tree will see Dab in her little room one day?

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