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Short Answer Questions

1. How does the narrator characterize the rooms in Tree's house?

2. Why doesn't Tree appreciate Miss Pricherd's arrival?

3. What feeling does Tree get about the woman?

4. How does the narrator characterize M'Vy when she comes into the little room with Tree?

5. What does Brother Rush do at night?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Tree know anything about Brother Rush?

2. Describe the room in which Tree discovers Brother Rush.

3. How is Dab feeling when Tree goes to wake him up?

4. How do Tree and Dab wake up on Saturday morning?

5. What does Tree tell Miss Pricherd about what she saw?

6. What does Tree see when she is transported back to the past?

7. What does Miss Pricherd see in the little room when Tree takes her back there?

8. How does "Sweet Whispers, Brother Rush" begin?

9. What happens when Tree finally gets to talk to her mother?

10. Describe Tree's experience at Binnie's house.

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Many stories of people living in poor circumstances are centered on the possibility that one day they'll live better lives, especially when children are involved, since everyone wants to think that children raised in poverty will be better taken care of in the future. What role does this storyline play in "Sweet Whispers, Brother Rush"? What hope do we have for Tree's future, and how does the story encourage us to believe that her future will be better than the present?

Essay Topic 2

In a couple of places, characters do little dances when they are happy, or can't find words for their feelings. What do characters express without words, in "Sweet Whispers, Brother Rush"? What would they say if they had words--can you paraphrase what they are saying? Why do you think Virginia Hamilton gave them gestures instead of words?

Essay Topic 3

What does Dab's illness seem to be, and how important is it that we know exactly what it is? Considering how his health affects the rest of the story, does it matter what it is, exactly?

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