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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How has M'Vy changed for the funeral?
(a) She is guilt-ridden and miserable.
(b) She seems to be relieved.
(c) She seems to have aged.
(d) She can't stop crying.

2. What does Silversmith learn about M'Vy as M'Vy tells stories to Tree?
(a) That she was married to Ken.
(b) That she had brothers.
(c) That Ken is still alive.
(d) That Tree and Dab are her children.

3. What else does Tree realize in the vision?
(a) That Ken had wanted Brother Rush to die.
(b) That Ken had killed himself for grief over killing Brother Rush.
(c) That Brother Rush had caused the accident that killed him.
(d) That Brother Rush was not thrown from the car, he jumped.

4. What does Tree feel when the note on the fridge makes her laugh?
(a) Relief, as if now things will be alright.
(b) Delighted by Silversmith's sense of humor.
(c) Guilty for laughing while Dab is sick.
(d) Guilty for not being with Dab in the hospital.

5. What happens when Tree goes to the little room?
(a) She sees scenes from M'Vy's childhood.
(b) She sees Brother Rush's funeral.
(c) Brother Rush tells her more stories.
(d) Brother Rush is not there.

Short Answer Questions

1. What threat does Tree make, when she and M'Vy disagree about the funeral?

2. Where are Brother Rush and the other man going, when Tree was still in the back seat of the car?

3. What stories does Don tell Tree?

4. What does M'Vy say she should have done?

5. What does M'Vy apologize to Tree for?

Short Essay Questions

1. Describe Tree's relationship with Silversmith.

2. How does the narrator describe the relationship between M'Vy and Dab?

3. What makes Tree think of Dab when she is at home alone?

4. What does Tree see from the back seat of the car, when no one knows she is there?

5. What does M'Vy tell Tree is wrong with Dab?

6. What does Tree see when she and M'Vy are transported back to the past together?

7. What new information does Tree learn about Brother Rush's death, when they are checking in at the hospital?

8. What prompts Tree to decide to leave home?

9. What happens that Dab gets taken to the hospital?

10. Why does Tree get upset when M'Vy says that it is time to go out?

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