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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Dab die of?
(a) Pneumonia.
(b) Withdrawal.
(c) Respiratory paralysis.
(d) The simple flu.

2. What does M'Vy insist will be the fastest way to get Dab help?
(a) To take Dab directly to the substance abuse ward.
(b) To call an ambulance.
(c) To go to the Emergency Room.
(d) To go through General Admittance.

3. What does M'Vy say about Tree's vision of Brother Rush?
(a) She thinks Tree is making everything up.
(b) She believes her.
(c) She doesn't understand what's happening.
(d) She believes the child is possessed.

4. What does M'Vy apologize to Tree for?
(a) All the things she has done.
(b) Not having had her tested.
(c) Not being a good mother.
(d) Years of neglect.

5. How does the narrator characterize the relationship between Tree and Don?
(a) They are wary and standoffish toward each other.
(b) They bristle at each other.
(c) They become friends slowly.
(d) They hit it off.

6. What does M'Vy tell Tree about Ken?
(a) He lives in New Orleans and sends money when he can.
(b) He is still alive but she does not know where he is.
(c) He is in prison for the accident that killed Brother Rush.
(d) He died shortly after the accident that killed Brother Rush.

7. How old is the Brother Rush driving in the car?
(a) Middle aged.
(b) Twenties.
(c) A child around ten.
(d) A teenager.

8. What makes Tree erupt and scream at M'Vy and Silversmith?
(a) M'Vy goes to leave with Silversmith.
(b) M'Vy wants to leave Dab home alone.
(c) M'Vy treats her as a child in front of Silversmith.
(d) M'Vy doesn't believe her.

9. What does Miss Pricherd say will happen to Dab's things?
(a) They will be thrown away.
(b) They will be stored.
(c) They will go with Tree wherever she goes.
(d) They will be burned.

10. What does Tree insist on at the funeral?
(a) No casket.
(b) Lots of flowers.
(c) A closed casket.
(d) An open casket.

11. What was M'Vy's experience in the little room?
(a) She didn't see Brother Rush.
(b) She saw a different vision than either child.
(c) She saw the vision Dab had.
(d) She saw the vision Tree had.

12. What causes the car accident that kills Brother Rush?
(a) Another car.
(b) A child in the road.
(c) A bicycle in the road.
(d) A dog in the road.

13. Who stays with Tree while M'Vy sees to Dab?
(a) A nurse.
(b) A mother in the waiting room.
(c) No one.
(d) Silversmith.

14. What does Tree realize as her mother tells her stories?
(a) That it never mattered to her, who her father had been.
(b) That her mother has been gone a lot of the time.
(c) That she has never asked questions.
(d) That she never knew where she came from.

15. How does Dab seem to be doing, when Tree, M'Vy and Silversmith look into his room?
(a) About the same.
(b) A little worse.
(c) Better.
(d) He is near death.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Tree see when she takes Brother Rush's gloves?

2. What does Tree tell M'Vy about Brother Rush?

3. What does M'Vy tell Tree?

4. What does M'Vy object to the things Tree tells her about he funeral?

5. What does Tree think when she finds pills in Dab's room?

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