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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What are Tree's feelings in the hospital?
(a) She is afraid and upset.
(b) She is frustrated by the long wait before anything can be done.
(c) She is reassured by the doctors and nurses.
(d) She is curious about everything.

2. What does Tree tell Miss Pricherd?
(a) That Dab's room is haunted.
(b) That she can't move in.
(c) That she is leaving.
(d) That she is taking Dab's room for herself.

3. What is M'Vy's reaction when Tree tells her what she realized about Brother Rush?
(a) She gets angry at Tree as if Tree were Brother Rush.
(b) She cannot believe in a universe that would allow a ghost to talk to a girl.
(c) She does not believe her.
(d) She knows that Tree is wrong.

4. What happens when Tree goes to the little room?
(a) She sees scenes from M'Vy's childhood.
(b) She sees Brother Rush's funeral.
(c) Brother Rush is not there.
(d) Brother Rush tells her more stories.

5. Who is Don?
(a) One of M'Vy's brothers.
(b) Silversmith's father.
(c) Silversmith's son.
(d) A ghost.

6. What did Silversmith leave for Tree?
(a) Macaroni and cheese.
(b) A telephone number to reach him.
(c) A long letter about her uncle's life.
(d) Chinese food.

7. What does Tree feel when the note on the fridge makes her laugh?
(a) Guilty for not being with Dab in the hospital.
(b) Relief, as if now things will be alright.
(c) Delighted by Silversmith's sense of humor.
(d) Guilty for laughing while Dab is sick.

8. What does Miss Pricherd ask Tree to wait for?
(a) Her mother can get home.
(b) Dab's funeral.
(c) A week has gone by.
(d) Her mother's business takes off.

9. How does Dab seem to be doing, when Tree, M'Vy and Silversmith look into his room?
(a) Better.
(b) A little worse.
(c) He is near death.
(d) About the same.

10. What does Tree tell M'Vy about Brother Rush?
(a) How ready he was to die.
(b) How good he looked in his suit.
(c) How much he cared for her.
(d) How unhappy he was.

11. What does M'Vy say about Tree's vision of Brother Rush?
(a) She believes the child is possessed.
(b) She believes her.
(c) She doesn't understand what's happening.
(d) She thinks Tree is making everything up.

12. What does Tree say Brother Rush's hands are full of?
(a) Pain.
(b) Tenderness.
(c) Power.
(d) Wisdom.

13. What does Tree realize after talking with her mother?
(a) That she is being abandoned so her mother can go with Silversmith.
(b) That Silversmith will look after her now, and she can forgive her mother because things will change.
(c) That with Miss Pricherd in the house, she will have something like a family.
(d) That there is no forgiving what her mother has done, and she will have to live with it.

14. What does Tree realize as her mother tells her stories?
(a) That her mother has been gone a lot of the time.
(b) That she has never asked questions.
(c) That she never knew where she came from.
(d) That it never mattered to her, who her father had been.

15. What does M'Vy tell Tree?
(a) That she and Silversmith are getting married.
(b) That she and Silversmith have started a catering business.
(c) That Dab had told her that he didn't want a service.
(d) That Silversmith doesn't have money to pay for the funeral either.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Tree feel about Dab's illness?

2. What does Tree realize after she packs her things?

3. What wakes Tree up, after she decides to run away?

4. How does the narrator say M'Vy feels when she takes care of Dab?

5. What is Tree's response when M'Vy comes home?

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