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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does M'Vy say Dab and Brother Rush had in common?
(a) The urge to get better.
(b) A rare blood condition.
(c) The urge to die.
(d) The desire to have their own way without understanding themselves.

2. What does Tree notice as being odd when she and Dab and Brother Rush get back in the car?
(a) Brother Rush won't talk with them.
(b) Brother Rush is driving slowly and delicately.
(c) Brother Rush keeps his hat on.
(d) Brother Rush is telling stories Tree doesn't understand.

3. What does Tree tell M'Vy about the funeral?
(a) Who should perform the service.
(b) What Dab wants for a tombstone.
(c) Where it should be held.
(d) Who should be invited.

4. What is M'Vy's reaction when Tree knows details of Brother Rush's story?
(a) She is confused and upset.
(b) She is not surprised.
(c) She is shocked.
(d) She is angry.

5. How does Miss Pricherd respond when Tree calls her by her nickname?
(a) She gets angry.
(b) She makes up a similarly fanciful name for Tree.
(c) She chases Tree around the house.
(d) She does a dance in her slippers.

6. Where does Tree ask Dab to take her?
(a) To the park.
(b) To the car.
(c) To the bathroom.
(d) Back home.

7. Where are Brother Rush and the other man going, when Tree was still in the back seat of the car?
(a) A jazz club.
(b) Someone's house.
(c) A park.
(d) A baseball game.

8. What causes the car accident that kills Brother Rush?
(a) A child in the road.
(b) A bicycle in the road.
(c) Another car.
(d) A dog in the road.

9. How does Dab seem to be doing, when Tree, M'Vy and Silversmith look into his room?
(a) Better.
(b) He is near death.
(c) A little worse.
(d) About the same.

10. What does Tree want her mother to explain to her?
(a) Why she never told her about the accident.
(b) Why Dab was so limited.
(c) Why she hadn't prevented the accident.
(d) Why Brother Rush had died.

11. How does the narrator characterize Silversmith?
(a) A slender man, beautiful and aloof, like Brother Rush.
(b) An older version of Brother Rush.
(c) A large man with a graying afro.
(d) A large man with gentle, soft features.

12. Who stays with Tree while M'Vy sees to Dab?
(a) Silversmith.
(b) A nurse.
(c) A mother in the waiting room.
(d) No one.

13. Where does Tree say her knowledge about family came from?
(a) M'Vy.
(b) Her own imagination.
(c) Books.
(d) TV.

14. What does M'Vy say she should have done?
(a) Have all the children tested.
(b) Stopped Dab from taking drugs.
(c) Taken Dab to the hospital much sooner.
(d) Had Dab inoculated.

15. How does the narrator characterize the relationship between Tree and Don?
(a) They are wary and standoffish toward each other.
(b) They become friends slowly.
(c) They hit it off.
(d) They bristle at each other.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does M'Vy say is Dab's problem?

2. What does Tree tell M'Vy about Brother Rush?

3. What does M'Vy tell Tree about Ken?

4. How does the narrator say M'Vy feels when she takes care of Dab?

5. What does M'Vy object to the things Tree tells her about he funeral?

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