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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Dab do all day?
(a) Stays in bed.
(b) Watches television.
(c) Walks around the neighbor.
(d) Goes to school.

2. Who does Tree find in her little room?
(a) Dab.
(b) Her teacher.
(c) M'Vy.
(d) Brother Rush.

3. How is "Sweet Whispers, Brother Rush" narrated?
(a) First person.
(b) Third person omniscient.
(c) Third person limited.
(d) Second person.

4. What does Tree imagine of Brother Rush's?
(a) His speech.
(b) His clothing.
(c) His travels.
(d) His experience.

5. What does Dab see when he comes to the little room with her?
(a) He sees Brother Rush's car accident.
(b) He doesn't see anything.
(c) He sees Brother Rush.
(d) He sees the woman with the baby.

6. What sound woke Tree?
(a) Her own screams in a dream.
(b) Brother Rush appearing beside her.
(c) M'Vy putting her purse down.
(d) Dab's cries.

7. What doe Brother Rush do to Dab, in Tree's vision?
(a) Comforts him.
(b) Puts him upright on his lap in the front seat.
(c) Throws him out of the car.
(d) Throws him into the back seat.

8. What does Brother Rush do at night?
(a) Deliver numbers.
(b) Work at a meat packing plant.
(c) Sing in a nightclub.
(d) Play jazz.

9. What does one of Tree's teachers suggest she take?
(a) A test to qualify for a scholarship.
(b) Vocational courses.
(c) Some time off.
(d) Advanced classes.

10. How does Tree know Brother Rush's name?
(a) His clothing is embroidered with it.
(b) He tells her.
(c) Her friends told her.
(d) It just comes to her.

11. Who else does Tree play with, in this vision?
(a) Dab.
(b) Her mother.
(c) Children she doesn't know.
(d) Her father.

12. How does the narrator characterize Dab's intellectual power?
(a) Limited.
(b) Acute.
(c) Restless.
(d) Curious.

13. What is Dab upset about at dinner?
(a) He is confused about Brother Rush.
(b) He didn't know where Tree went when she was in the vision with Brother Rush.
(c) His stomach hurts.
(d) He is afraid M'Vy won't come home.

14. What does Tree's mother do for work?
(a) She is a cashier.
(b) She is a legal secretary.
(c) She is a doctor.
(d) She is a nurse.

15. What does M'Vy do to Tree?
(a) Gives him food.
(b) Comforts him.
(c) Hits him with a switch.
(d) Scolds him.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Tree look for Miss Pricherd first?

2. How does Dab make Brother Rush angry, in Tree's vision?

3. What time of day does it always seem to be in Tree's house?

4. What does Tree check Dab for?

5. What is Brother Rush holding in his hand?

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