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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What snaps Tree back to the present?
(a) She is called by her mother.
(b) A breeze blows through.
(c) She gets hungry.
(d) Dab comes into the room.

2. What is Miss Pricherd there to do?
(a) Clean the house.
(b) Help Tree with her homework.
(c) Bring food.
(d) Take Dab to school.

3. What does Tree's mother do for work?
(a) She is a cashier.
(b) She is a legal secretary.
(c) She is a nurse.
(d) She is a doctor.

4. Where is Dab when Tree and M'Vy are in the little room?
(a) In the doorway.
(b) In the kitchen.
(c) In the living room reading.
(d) In bed.

5. How does the narrator characterize M'Vy when she comes into the little room with Tree?
(a) Very scared.
(b) Confused.
(c) Calm.
(d) Sad.

6. Why doesn't Tree tell Dab what she saw?
(a) He won't understand.
(b) She promised Brother Rush not to tell.
(c) She wants to keep it secret.
(d) She isn't sure what happened, herself.

7. What does Tree see when she returns to the room?
(a) Brother Rush is still there.
(b) Her mother has chased Brother Rush out of the room.
(c) Brother Rush has replaced the vision she saw at first.
(d) Brother Rush is older.

8. What sound woke Tree?
(a) Dab's cries.
(b) M'Vy putting her purse down.
(c) Brother Rush appearing beside her.
(d) Her own screams in a dream.

9. Where does Tree try to get Dab to follow her?
(a) Into the streets.
(b) Into the wreckage of Brother Rush's car.
(c) Into the house where M'Vy and Brother Rush lived.
(d) Into the sunshine inside the vision.

10. What does one of Tree's teachers suggest she take?
(a) A test to qualify for a scholarship.
(b) Advanced classes.
(c) Vocational courses.
(d) Some time off.

11. What does Tree check Dab for?
(a) Blood sugar.
(b) Fever.
(c) Jaundice.
(d) Infection.

12. Where does Brother Rush take Tree and Dab?
(a) To the park.
(b) To a jazz club.
(c) To a baseball game.
(d) To his house.

13. Why does M'Vy ring the bell?
(a) To give Tree warning that she's coming up.
(b) The lock doesn't work.
(c) She lost her keys.
(d) Her hands are full.

14. Who does Tree find in her little room?
(a) Dab.
(b) Brother Rush.
(c) M'Vy.
(d) Her teacher.

15. How does the narrator characterize the relationship between Tree and Dab?
(a) They respect each other's privacy.
(b) They help each other with everything.
(c) They ignore each other as much as possible.
(d) They finish each other's sentences.

Short Answer Questions

1. How is "Sweet Whispers, Brother Rush" narrated?

2. What does Tree feel about Miss Pricherd's arrival?

3. Why does Tree say she turns on the light in the little room?

4. What does M'Vy do to Tree?

5. What explanation did Tree use to explain what Miss Pricherd saw?

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