Sweet Whispers, Brother Rush Character Descriptions

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Sweet Teresa Pratt

This person is shy in the outside world, but in charge at home.

Viola Pratt

This person is a practical nurse by trade.

Brother Rush

This person suffered from porphyria and eventually committed suicide during a car accident.

Sylvester Wlley D. Smith

This person arrives on the scene just before another character is taken to the hospital.

Dabney Pratt

This person suffers from some kind of developmental disability as well as porphyria.

Ole Lady Miss Cenithia Pricherd

This person cleans house and ends up taking care of another character.

Don Smith

This person is nineteen years old and attends community college.

Ken Pratt

This person left a family and never came back.

Aunt Binnie

This person's house is a common destination for the family.

The Rush Brothers

These people are family members who have suffered greatly from porphyria.

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