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chapters 1-4

• Tree is on her way home, trying to hide from the boys' attention.
• She sees Brother Rush sitting on a stoop, looking good, and cool, in a suit, covering his ear as if he's listening to music.
• Tree doesn't speak with Brother Rush, but comes home to see her brother, Dab, who has a mental disability.
• Tree and Dab take care of each other while their mother, M'Vy, is away, being a home health care aide in other people's houses for weeks at a time.
• There is a room in Tree's house which had been used for storage before Tree cleaned it out.
• Now when she comes home from school, she sees Brother Rush standing in the middle of the room, as if he's growing out of the table.
• Suddenly Tree is transported back to her own childhood, and she sees herself as a baby in...

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