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McEwan and Haley

Using research, discuss with a group how McEwan uses parts of his own life in crafting the character of Haley.

Ian McEwan - Books

Read another book written by McEwan and contrast it with Sweet Tooth.


Research the two intelligence organizations and compare the two using a Venn diagram graphic organizer.


Draw a portrait of Serena.

Anglican Church

Create a chart showing the hierarchy of the Anglican Church. Then answer this question: How important was the Bishop in the church?

Map It

Create a blackline map showing places mentioned in the book.

Travel Brochure

Create a travel brochure for someone who wants to visit London and Brighton.

Create a menu for Serena and Tom's favorite restaurant in Brighton.

Serena's Family

Discuss with a group how your family is like or unlike Serena's family.

Newspaper Article

Write a newspaper article revealing...

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