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Essay Topic 1

Serena is very beautiful, but she has abandonment issues and often feels worthless. How did the emotional distance that Serena felt from her parents lead to feelings of abandonment and worthlessness? How do those feelings affect her in her work and private lives?

Essay Topic 2

Serena is surprised to find a streak of feminism in her mother. In what way is Serena's mother a feminist? Why is Serena surprised to find a streak of feminism in her mother? How does Serena’s mother’s feminist tendencies influence Serena’s life as a young adult?

Essay Topic 3

The story is told from Serena’s point of view. How does telling the story from Serena’s point of view influence the story? Why does the story need to be told from her point of view?

Essay Topic 4

Serena’s father is kind, but remote. Why is he unavailable...

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