Sweet Tooth Character Descriptions

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Serena Frome

This character is the daughter of an Anglican Bishop and loves reading and literature. However, she studied maths because of her mother’s influence. She is flirtatious and has several affairs before falling in love with a writer.

Tom Haley

This character is a young professor who also enjoys writing. He is offered a stipend so he can write and not have to worry about a job. He does not know that the woman who is coordinating his stipend works for MI5, and he falls in love with her.

The Bishop

This character works in the Anglican Church in Camden. He is a good father, but is emotionally remote from his daughters.

Jeremy Mott

This character had a dysfunctional relationship with a girl in college. Later he learns that he is homosexual.

Tony Canning

This character is a history professor who is in his middle fifties. He...

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