Objects & Places from Sweet and Deadly

Charlaine Harris
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Medical Files - This is what the killer is looking for when he kills Leona and Tom.

Dr. Linton's Office - This is the place Catherine rents out to Tom.

Gazette - This is where Catherine works.

Baseball Bat - This is the killer's weapon of choice.

Tom's Volkswagen - The killer believes a character is not home because he doesn't see this out front.

Catherine's Property - This is where Leona Gaites' body is found.

Pictures - It is while developing these that Catherine figures out who the killer is.

Carl's Burn - This aids Catherine in figuring out a motive for the murders.

Glenn and Rachel's Car - This was tampered with causing the death of Catherine's parents.

The Levee - This is where Randall takes Catherine the day after she finds Leona's body.

Jewel Crenna's House - This is where Catherine sees Martin...

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