Sweet and Deadly Character Descriptions

Charlaine Harris
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Catherine Linton - This character is a newspaper reporter whose parents died in a car accident.

Randall Gerrard - This character runs the local newspaper and is romantically interested in the main character.

Sheriff James Galton - This is the character that the main character goes to after finding a dead body.

Tom Mascalco - This character is a news reporter who is beaten to death with a baseball bat.

Carl Perkins - This character is a successful businessman who contracts leprosy.

Glenn and Rachel Linton - These characters die in a car accident that is eventually ruled to be a homicide.

Betty Eakins - This character is a former employee of the Linton family who retired due to age.

Leona Gaites - This character is a nurse who is not a very nice person.

Miss Molly - This character is the wife of a successful...

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