Sweet and Deadly Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Charlaine Harris
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Chapter 1

• Catherine Linton, the main character of the novel, is introduced. She appears to be a well-bred, strong, individualistic type of woman.

• Catherine travels out to the abandoned tenant shack on the property she owns to practice shooting at targets with her gun.

• Catherine discovers a dead body in the tenant house, and understandably frightened, drives to town to alert the sheriff.

Chapter 2

• Catherine heads to the sheriff's office in town and proceeds to tell him that she found a body in the old tenant shack on her property.

• Sheriff Galton and Catherine, along with a group of deputies and a coroner's jury, head out to the tenant shack to investigate.

• The sheriff, after viewing the body, returns to Catherine to tell her that the body has turned out to be that of Leona Gaites, who was the nurse at Catherine's father's practice for over thirty years.

Chapters 3-4

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