Sweat: Play Fun Activities

Lynn Nottage
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Labor Crisis Interview

Pretend you are a reporter and that several members of the group that meets at the bar have agreed to be interviewed about the labor crisis in America. Write an interview of several characters and their responses.

Diorama Creation

Create a diorama of a particularly poignant scene of your choice. The scene you choose does not necessarily have to be one actually depicted in the play. An example could be the scene in which Oscar crosses the picket line or the scene in which Cynthia comes home to find that Brucie has robbed her after their night of reconciliation.

Read Another Play Focused on Work

Choose another play revolving around the theme of work, such as Arthur Miller's play Death of a Salesman, and write a review of the play.

Research the Pulitzer Prize for Drama

Find out everything you can about the Pulitzer Prize...

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