Sweat: Play Essay Topics & Writing Assignments

Lynn Nottage
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Essay Topic 1

Discuss Lynn Nottage's message about motherhood within her play Sweat.

Essay Topic 2

What is Lynn Nottage's message about the nature of the middle class in modern America?

Essay Topic 3

Discuss Stan's role within the events of the play and explain how his character helps to further develop certain themes inherent in Lynn Nottage's piece.

Essay Topic 4

Examine the effects of stress on the play's characters and the coping methods each character uses to deal with emotional turmoil. Which characters' methods are effective, which are ineffective, and how do these varying levels of efficiency affect the messages sent by the play?

Essay Topic 5

What messages is Lynn Nottage sending about racial tensions in America in the play Sweat?

Essay Topic 6

Discuss the playwright's messages concerning the nature of security. Does she indicate that it is dangerous or crucial? Choose one adjective and prove its validity using concrete...

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