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Magic Lantern

This is a lampshade decorated with various scenes of historical and mythical creatures.

Narrator's Bedroom

The narrator did not enjoy going here because he could not sleep well and was separated from his Mama.


This is where the narrator's family spent their summers.

Great Aunt's Outer Room

This hypochondriac character spends most of her time here.

Verdurins Dinner Party

To be invited to this indicates that one has found favor with and is a candidate for a select group or nucleus.


This avenue borders a park in Paris, where the narrator and Francoise go every afternoon and see Gilberte.

Vivonne River

The narrator compares the root-bound water lilies in this enchanting place to prisoners straining to break their chains.

Combray Church

The narrator loves this place, where he and his family attend services during their holidays in the town.


This was how the...

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