Swann's Way Character Descriptions

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This character is a man of undetermined age who is recalling his youth as a member of an upper- middle class family in France.


This character is beautiful with a sweet voice and is an admirable reader.

Narrator's Father

This imposing figure is interested in meteorology and does not appear to have an occupation, although the family is wealthy.

Bathilde Amedee, Grandmother to Narrator

This brisk and vigorous woman is considered not completely sane by rest of the family.

Leonie Amedee

This widow is a long-suffering hypochondriac who judges everyone by their reactions to her imagined illnesses.


This personal maid is also a cook and constant companion.

Charles Swann

This character is a man of Parisian society, spending his time at the theater, dining with friends, playing cards with the aristocracy or royalty, and seducing women from all walks of life.

Odette de Crecy


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