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Robert R. McCammon
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This test consists of 5 short answer questions, 10 short essay questions, and 1 (of 3) essay topics.

Short Answer Questions

1. What plant grows from the seeds that Swan planted at the lake?

2. Who reads a Psalm at Rusty's funeral?

3. When Sister gives the glass ring to Swan, what does she feel is over?

4. Why did Vulcevic and his family come to Mary's Rest?

5. What sound haunts Sheila?

Short Essay Questions

1. What bothers Swan about the dead child at the lake?

2. What unusual promise does the evil man make after his struggle with Josh?

3. What is the relationship between Roland and Friend?

4. How has the Army of Excellence evolved since the events of Book One?

5. Why does the former President want to activate the doomsday device?

6. What is revealed when Swan's mask falls off?

7. What arrangements does the evil man make with the Army of Excellence?

8. What is Sister's old mantra, and how does it help her on her way to Mary's Rest?

9. Why does Robin want to see Swan?

10. What preparation does the town make to defend itself from the Army of Excellence?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Many people and artifacts exhibit miraculous powers throughout the novel. It is clear that after the blasts, the world has changed in some fundamental ways. Magical or divine powers are present in the world and commonplace in the narrative of the protagonists.

1) Discuss the individuals who are known to demonstrate supernatural powers. Speculate as to where and how these powers might originate.

2) Explain some of the artifacts that are known to possess supernatural powers. Where do these objects originate? Were they mundane before the blasts? What imbued them with power?

3) Describe some of the ways that these miraculous powers affect the plot of the novel. Explain situations wherein they were critical to the story. Explain other important situations where they were merely incidental, and the focus of the story is on the people and their interactions, feelings, or emotions.

Essay Topic 2

Hope is an integral part of the will to survive that is essential to so many characters in the novel. It gives many characters strength and a reason to stay alive. When Swan gives the community of Mary's Rest new reason to hope, the entire community comes to life and organizes to improve itself and stand against the invading Army of Excellence.

1) Describe some ways that characters or groups maintain hope, including mantras, rituals, and beliefs.

2) Discuss some of the consequences for people or groups who give up hope.

3) Explain how Swan is able to restore hope to Mary's Rest and what the impact of that gift is to the community.

4) Summarize how hope affects the survivors, how it is cultivated and maintained, and how it can be spread.

Essay Topic 3

Many characters believe they are touched and affected by destiny. They see themselves as having a specific purpose and are driven to fulfill it. Rarely does this steer the characters in the wrong way, tending to confirm their beliefs. In most cases, the protagonists who embrace their destinies meet with success and gain the strength that they need in order to carry on.

1) Discuss Josh and his perception of his purpose and destiny. Describe how his destiny is imparted to him, how well he pursues it, and how embracing it gives him strength at various points in the novel.

2) Describe Sister's deep-seated belief in her destiny and her role in the world. How is this belief affect by her deep faith? How does her belief in her destiny help her to stay on her intended path?

3) Discuss some of the other minor characters who are driven by what they perceive to be their destinies.

4) Summarize the effect of destiny on the protagonists of the story. Are their beliefs usually well founded or erroneous? Are they helpful or harmful?

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