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Robert R. McCammon
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This test consists of 5 short answer questions, 10 short essay questions, and 1 (of 3) essay topics.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Friend search for the glass ring?

2. What is unusual about the animal that attacks Rusty?

3. What does Robin see when he dream walks using the glass ring?

4. What role does Roland fulfill in the Army of Excellence?

5. What happens to the spike from the glass ring after Hugh uses it to operate on the injured boy?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Swan defeat Friend in the end?

2. Why does the former President want to activate the doomsday device?

3. Based on events at Mary's Rest and within the Army of Excellence, what effect do the Job's Masks appear to have on their wearer's faces?

4. How is Swan's group welcomed to Mary's Rest?

5. What does Swan realize about the dead child?

6. How does touching the glass ring for the first time change Swan?

7. What is revealed when Swan's mask falls off?

8. How do Sister and Swan recover the glass ring?

9. What is Sister's mission, and what signs guide her on the way?

10. What preparation does the town make to defend itself from the Army of Excellence?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Leona introduces the theme of inner and outward beauty when she meets Swan. Soon after, the Job's Masks begin to take effect on many survivors.

1) Explain Leona's comments about a person's inner and outward face.

2) Discuss the impact that the Job's masks have on their wearers before the masks' real function becomes widely known.

3) Describe the function of Job's Masks and use specific examples to explain how they help to reflect a person's inner beauty or ugliness.

4) Speculate as to the intent and purpose behind the Job's Masks and describe what kind of a being would have an interest in bringing about the masks' observed effects.

Essay Topic 2

Robin and Swan are close in age and are immediately attracted to each other when they meet. For his part, Robin believes Swan to be the most beautiful girl he has ever seen. He falls in love with her at first sight. Although they know they have feelings for each other, they have difficulty expressing them, since they are adolescents and have had little social grooming.

1) Describe the similarities and differences between Swan and Robin. They are both leaders. How do their leadership styles differ?

2) Discuss why Robin and Swan are drawn to each other and why they have difficulties expressing themselves.

3) Explain how Robin and Swan grow closer and eventually confess their feelings.

Essay Topic 3

In the post-blast setting, trust is extended rarely, but its effects are sometimes profoundly important. Due to the lawlessness and brutality of the world around them, few survivors can trust one another, but they must learn to do so in order to survive. Groups like Macklin's army are built around fear and discipline, but groups like Sister's and Swan's, or even the survivor settlements like Homewood and Mary's Rest, are all founded on trust.

1) Discuss the difficulties that people have in trusting each other in this setting. Why is lack of trust a reasonable reaction?

2) Explain some examples of how trust develops between individuals and within groups. Describe some of the benefits that the survivors gain by trusting each other.

3) Describe at least one example of when trust failed to develop, and all parties involved suffered as a result.

4) Explain how trust drives the story forward at various points.

5) Explain why trust is still slow to develop and difficult to maintain, despite its benefits.

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