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Robert R. McCammon
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Book One, Part Six, Chapters 34-40.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How does Roland react to the process of amputating Colonel Macklin's hand?
(a) He is horrified.
(b) He becomes instantly ill.
(c) He is uninterested.
(d) He is mesmerized.

2. At the end of Chapter 2, where does Sister Creep decide to hide?
(a) In a warehouse.
(b) In a cathedral.
(c) In a parking garage.
(d) In the subway tunnels.

3. How does Macklin's inner voice react to what he discovers when he is called away by Perimeter Control?
(a) It is frightened.
(b) It is excited.
(c) It gloats over his misfortune.
(d) It is indifferent.

4. How does Josh's opponent become injured during their match in Chapter 3?
(a) He overexerts himself.
(b) Josh knocks him out.
(c) He trips and falls.
(d) He is attacked by a spectator.

5. Roland and Macklin ambush Sheila Fontana just outside a settlement located in __________.
(a) Denver.
(b) Detroit.
(c) Salt Late.
(d) New York.

Short Answer Questions

1. After her dream, Sister Creep wakes to realize that what threat is coming towards her?

2. What does a man do in Sister Creep's dream?

3. In the dream walk that Sister experiences after talking with Doyle, what does she pick up?

4. What happens to "the man who likes movies" during his encounter with Sister Creep?

5. Sister Creep lost her own child in what circumstances?

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