Objects & Places from Swan Song

Robert R. McCammon
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The Glass Circle

This magical object is referred to as a ring during most of the novel, but turns out to be a crown for Swan.

Sister's Bag

This object is an important part of one character's identity while that person is in Manhattan.

Earth House/Blue Dome Mountain

This place is where Roland and his family have come to be safe from nuclear holocaust.

Leona's House

This place provides Swan and Josh the first bit of real hospitality they have had since the basement, giving them hot baths and real meals.

The Tarot Cards

These objects are used to tell Swan's future.


These objects appear throughout the novel, one simply an image burned on to Sister's neck by the blasts.


This place is where Josh is forced to play a game of Straightjacket in an attempt to save Swan and Leona's lives.

The Mirror


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